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Where is Powder Blue Photography Located?

The Studio: Powder Blue Studio is located at 20 Cedar Blvd #208, Pittsburgh, PA 15228 (click here for directions). The studio is on the main floor, just inside the front entrance of the building.
There is a parking lot adjacent to the front door of the studio, and there is usually plenty of parking within a block or two. Parking in Mt. Lebanon is $1/hour (Monday-Saturday, 9-6... Sundays are free!) with quarters in the meter, or you can use the parking app ("PassportParking Mobile Pay" on Apple and Android app stores).

My studio is on the main floor of the building and fully accessible. You will not need to use any stairs or the elevator to access my studio.

Hours: The studio is open by appointment only. Please get in touch if you need to make an appointment to visit the studio.

20 Cedar Blvd, Suite 208, Pittsburgh, PA 15228

(412) 559-3889