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My Style -  Missy Timko, Powder Blue Photography

Curious what kind of portraits you will get if you book a session with me?  If you’ve looked through my portfolio and through some of my favorite images (above), you probably noticed a visual theme.  I would describe my style as follows:

  • Natural
  • Clean
  • Uncluttered
  • Timeless
  • Simple

I have a fine art studio background and a Master’s degree in teaching and fine art, including painting, drawing, and design, so I am thinking about compositional elements (shape, form, color, space) as I am shooting and editing portraits of your family.  This includes considering negative space, balance, proportion, and directional light & shadow.

I prefer an uncluttered and clean look to a portrait, so I typically will employ a number of techniques to get us there, which may include moving furniture, shooting from high up or down low, opening my aperture, or digitally removing clutter in post-processing.  I feel that this calls attention to the beautiful expressions, actions, and features of your children and your family that you will want to remember.

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