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Maternity Session Planning


Maternity Portrait Clothing

Wear something that makes you feel great! We will start with your favorite maternity outfit (dress, jeans, whatever you love to wear during this pregnancy). From there you have a number of options depending on how much you want to show, where we are shooting, and what season it is… some of my favorites are leggings, very snug tank tops or tube tops (belly bands work great as a tube top), sheer tops, and flow skirts or dresses. Black, white, and neutral tones are great for maternity. Please avoid clothing that is very loose on you and anything with words or logos. Make sure you are well supported up top! In the studio, we can go as bare as you are comfortable with; that’s really up to you!

Pinterest is a great resource for maternity shoot inspiration (please share your board with me if you make one!), or you may look at my website portfolio for ideas. We will shoot in my studio, in your home, and/or outside if weather permits. Maternity shoots take about 30-45 minutes.

Maternity Hair & make-up

I highly encourage you to have your hair & makeup done for your session. You will love your photos so much more if your hair and makeup look amazing! If you choose to DIY, I advise wearing just a little bit more makeup than you would usually wear in order to photograph well. See my blog post on makeup, or watch YouTube videos for help. For more polished results, call your favorite salon, or many of my clients have made appointments at Sephora or Ulta and had great results for makeup. Try to get your man to get a haircut about a week before your family session!

If you prefer on-site hair & makeup, I can make arrangements to have a stylist on site for you for about $150-200, which is wonderful because they can be available for touchups throughout your session. Please get in touch with me for details on this.

I will be doing some retouching on all of your photos, so do not be concerned about things like veins and stretch marks if you choose to do “belly shots.”

Husbands, partners, and families

Though the focus of the session will be on mom, I encourage you to invite your partner and/or children to join you for your portraits. We will do our best to get all the family shots done first so that they will be free to go about their business once we finish the family portraits.

Pinterest is a great resource for planning your photo shoot. I have boards set up for all types of shoots, including one specific to outfit planning. Hook up with me here: Powder Blue Pinterest. I encourage you to make your own board with portraits you like, and share it with me via email!

Need help? Ask me!