Baby Pippa | Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer

This newborn session ranks high on my list of happiest memories! Jenny & Dan called me when Pippa had just come home from the NICU–she spent some time there after being born a couple months early at about 3 lbs.  Pippa was finally approaching her due date and had almost doubled in size since birth, […]

Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer | Lifestyle Session | T Family

“Little Boy Blue” is a popular nursery rhyme that dates back to the sixteenth century, and the actual lyrics might even be older than that.  But, until the nineteenth century, all infants were photographed in white.  Now, this may surprise you (as it did me):  In 1918, the Ladies Home Journal wrote, “The generally accepted […]

Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer | Lifestyle Session | H Family

Sisters who won’t let go of hands.  A family dog that won’t leave the baby’s side.  For a photographer like me, these are sure signs that you are entering a house full of love. Meet the H family. Even though this was a Newborn Session, big sister Sada practically stole the show!  Sada just couldn’t […]

Pittsburgh Lifestyle Newborn Photographer | Portland Session | Baby Fisher July

This “lil’ cajun hushpuppy” is the son of some friends of mine from college (Chico State, late 90s).  Did you know I grew up in Southern California (San Diego), went to college in Northern California (Chico), and then I worked as a high school teacher in both Sacramento, CA and Portland, OR before moving to Pittsburgh […]

Pittsburgh Lifestyle Newborn Photographer | Baby Louis | Mt Lebanon, PA

Baby Louis is the second born to his big brother Maxigan the cat.  The boys played very nicely together and seem to be adjusting to sibling-hood well. This little sweetie came early so we shot his session when he was already a few weeks old.  These sessions are very special because even though he was […]