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Pittsburgh Newborn Photography

Ah yes, "stretch it out"!  

That's what this pose brings to mind.  Mostly because I that's what I used to say to my little ones when they would do 'grown up' things like the full stretch shown above.  

Newborns are so wondrous and amazing, but I also can't help but start cracking up when they are caught in the act, doing things that we would normally associate with adults or bigger kids.  I mean, just look at that face!  

With newborn session, I typically encourage clients to do the shoot in their home.  The adjustment to introducing a new child into your home can be stressful enough, and I find that making things easy and comfortable for you leads to better pictures.  Not only that, by using your home as the background provides you with yet another level of customization.  You can commemorate a lifetime of memories in the comfort of your own home.