Professional Pregnancy Pictures
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Professional Pregnancy Pictures

This picture was taken seven months into my client's pregnancy.  Weather permitting, I often like to incorporate nature into many of my maternity and family portraits.  We chose the sprawling and underappreciated South Park for our locale.

In this photograph I wanted to incorporate the natural haze that accompanies often comes along with summer here in Pittsburgh.  Time of year also determines where in their cycle of life each species of plant life will be.  Some will be in bloom, some will be exhibiting vegetative growth, others will be in decay.  This organic display will add a customized touch to your picture that will help remind you of this wonderful time in your life. 

Taking photos outdoors, you get a ton of natural light.  This allows me to create picture with ample backlight to help create a halo effect around the subject.  Many professional photographers solely use natural light, however I also like to use a fill flash on photos like this to eliminate harsh shadows that can often accompany backlit pictures.