Pittsburgh Newborn Photos
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Pittsburgh Newborn Photos

This portrait was taken in my clients home and features a newborn with his 3 year old sister laying on a lined grey rug.  These clients wanted to adorn their nursery with Restoration Hardware.  While you cannot see it in this picture, they went with an aviation theme, because what boy doesn't grow up loving airplanes?

In my portraits, often I will use a fill flash to balance natural light from windows.  Using a fill flash helps to prevent harsh shadows that often accompany photos which only utilize natural light, thus cutting down on editing time and giving me the opportunity to provide you with the best portrait possible. 

This little guy was swaddled in a muslin blanket by Aden and Anais

Swaddling was always on of the more challenging parts of having your children.  I always felt like I was putting my kid into some kind of excessive restraint when wrapping everything but their head inside of a blanket.  That faded quickly once I realized that babies prefer to be in an environment that is warm and contained.  My boy would always figure out a way to stubbornly squirm a single arm out of there, no matter how hard I tried to keep him 'locked down'.  My daughter used her thumb to soothe herself, so keeping "one arm out" was standard practice with her.  Needless to say, I'm always willing to help parents of a newborn with their swaddling technique...don't be shy about asking.