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Newborn Photos Pittsburgh

Newborn Photos Pittsburgh

Here is a photo of a newborn resting on a furry neutral colored blanket while he lies wrapped in a soft white fabric.  

One of the best 'tricks' I have for helping a new baby to relax is to get them in a nice, tight swaddle.  Having everything all tucked in warm and snug gives the baby the feeling of being back in the womb.  

A sleepy infant is always more cooperative during a photo shoot.  

In this image, I wanted to highlight the depth of field.  You can understand what this means by taking note that both the background and foreground are out of focus.  This, in turn, draws the attention to the baby.  

Obviously this technique requires a little bit of trial and error to dial in the focus, but my years of experience with newborn photography are the best guide here.  

With a snoozing newborn the clock is constantly ticking on how long we have to get your best photos.  Any little time-saving tricks that I can use and still deliver you stunning photos will help.