Newborn Photographer in Pittsburgh
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Newborn Photographer in Pittsburgh

This portrait of a newborn baby boy was taken in my clients Point Breeze home.  It just so happens that my studio is also located in Point Breeze!  Even still, I performed this session at the home of the client because lets face it...having a newborn is tough enough, why not keep things simple and let me come to you for pictures of your new little one(s)?  

Technically speaking, this portrait was backlit in order to create a sense of depth in the photo.  Backlighting also creates a certain aura around the edges of the baby which you can see on the upper side of his face and clothing.  

Speaking of clothing, this little guy is dressed up in his Janie and Jack one-piece with a classic bear face on the front.  I prefer simple clothing and backgrounds.  This lets the natural beauty of your newborn to be the feature of the photo.