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Infant Photography Pittsburgh

Infant Photography Pittsburgh

This is a newborn photo that I took in my Pittsburgh studio.  If possible, I encourage clients to schedule photos while their little one's are still an infant, Over time I have found the best time for this is within 2 weeks of the date of birth.  

At this age, typically babies will snooze through most of the session and we can get some really beautiful and expressive photos of your newborn.  If possible, 

I usually encourage clients to have newborn sessions in their home, but my studio offers amenities that aren't available in most homes.  

For example, in this photo I use a large beanbag with a soft white cover.  Basically this works like a giant cloud to pose your child upon.  Not only is it safe and comfortable for infants, but it provides a simple, classic look for the background.  

Another advantage: the studio is equipped with a professional and refined lighting setup.  This controlled environment will help us get the best possible pictures of your newborn.